Manual input and progression chart

I uploaded my strava activities. For few rides I am missing power data. On the fitness planner I replaced the activities with missing power data by some similar activities where I had power data. Also I manually enter a running activity with an estimated xss. Should the progression chart show this manual inputs on the “my fitness” page? to show that I had some activities and these dates?

Thanks for pointing that out. All activities with XSS, including manual activities should show as XSS bars on the chart. Right now, the TL and RL are properly reflected but the XSS bar isn’t showing for them. We’ll fix that.

I also like to use the Fitness Planner to include rides with missing power. Particularly for my Commuter rides which would have been lost otherwise. Also I will be doing a lot of alternative endurance training in Winter such as XC-Skiing. What would be the best way to estimate the XSS values of such trainings? Based on time in heart rate zones?