Manual freeride

Xert has planned a structured workout tomorrow but I’m going to do a 3hr outdoor group free ride. Do I need to alter in calender or just do freeride and it will pick it up?

For me that’s the biggest advantage of Xert. Just go and have fun.

Xert will adapt.

You can do as you please. :+1:
If the free ride overlaps start/end time for the scheduled workout that workout gets cleared when the free ride is saved to XO server.
If a scheduled workout is never done it’s removed by the next day.
If the group ride throws the plan out of whack, you’ll see a red dot appear on the Adapt Forecast button warning you to rebalance the plan. You don’t always need to do that depending on what’s coming up on your plan. You can identify where the imbalance takes place (and why) by viewing the plan chart on the Training page and hovering over any magenta outlined entries.

Thanks for confirmation. And given I’m trying to maximise increases I was surprised to see the plan only has me doing 3 rides next week?

The default Periodization Level position (Program, Settings) will start a plan off easy which can result in a dip from current TL.
If you’ve already built a base and want to eliminate that start, slide Periodization Level to None (leftmost position) and recast the plan.
You can experiment with the various sliders and recast your plan before deciding which iteration works best for you. You can also do this mid-plan if necessary although that alters the start date.