Make duration filter sticky

As many others, I tend to have a very frequent upper limit for the workout duration on any given day, and it would be nice not to have to insert the duration filter (say, 45 minutes, or an hour, etc.) every single time. So I wish that the site could remember my last selection. Xert is almost always recommending workouts that are much longer than what I normally do, and even longer than what I did in several months, so I need to change the filter every single time.


Please? I know this is a small forum, but no reply is a bit depressing.

It’s not a bad idea. The system sort of does this at the moment but only temporarily (you’ll see the filter icon turn red when a filter is being applied). Reseting a filter is necessary since you kind of want a filter to start from an unfiltered state. Having a filter permanently on may confuse some users.

Generally though, the system should pick workouts based on the average duration of activities you perform on that day. If you’re mixing outdoor rides with indoor workouts and your outdoor rides are longer, then yes, you’ll see longer workouts recommended. A possible better solution would be to have both an indoor workout and an outdoor activity/workout recommendation that uses your past workouts/activities as a basis for the recommendation. That’s a bit of work but would likely provide a better end result for most users. Getting recommended outdoor activities is something we have considered in the past and it may turn up as a feature sometime.

Thank you Armando, I understand the issues related to the specific GUI item. However, about the recommendations themselves, it’s really what I wonder about because I haven’t been able to train long since COVID struck, and in the past few months I never did more than an hour. So I wonder why the engine still keeps recommending rides of 1:30 or even more sometimes. I am not mixing, only riding indoors, and the non-Xert rides I have are coming directly from Zwift.

It could also be due to having to do an easier ride for the same XSS deficit. If you have to ride easy because your status is yellow or red, it will take longer to close the deficit. If you find you’ve been ok doing more intensity with higher XSS values in shorter rides in the past, you may want to slide your Freshness Feedback to the right by 5 or 10 points and see if that better matches the types of workouts that you’ve been doing. That could be another way to “shorten” workouts since the system will weight more difficult workouts higher, those with more XSS which will close your deficits in less time.

Ah, I see, thank you for the advice, Armando, I will try.