Magene L508 radar compatible with android Xert EBC app?


I would like to to be able to get radar status in the xert android app over bluetooth. It looks like that isn’t possible with Varia radar because Garmin is restricting btle access. Does anyone know if the Magene L508 radar works with the Exert android app over bluetooth?


I ride with a Varia RTL515 connected to Android EBC via BLE.
Double beeps on every approach or I glance down to view side-bar status.
Here are screenshots from my Cubot Kingkong Mini2 (Android 10).

Not sure if Magene or Bryton units work in similar fashion

Thank you - it is good to get confirmation of RTL515 working with bluetooth. That was was my first choice anyway, looks like I got side tracked by out of date google results about btle compatibility