LTP Too low

My LTP is too low at a ridiculous 111 watts. What kind of workouts do I need to do to bring it up? When i do workouts around 111 watts (2 start workouts), they seem super easy and I don;t think I am deriving any benefit in my base phase. Hence I switched to Sweet Spot Trainerroad workouts for now. Still the LTP won’t rise. Also the definition of LTP on the BaronBiosis page so obtuse, it is difficult to understand.

What is your HIE and PP?

Right now 19Kj and 842

When riding at LT are you in the vicinity of 75% to 85% of your max heart rate?

No. I am well below it. More like round 60% or so.

That’s a big hr range for ltp!

And your TP is?

  1. TP at 160 feels very easy as well.

So, your signature is (way) off. That can be fixed :sunglasses:

How? Via a breakthrough?

I mean, what kind of Breakthrough workout do I need to do to increase my LTP and TP? I don’t care about HIE as much as I can build it up via Vo2 Max workouts.

I’d say just get a breakthrough and include a max power sprint beforehand to get an accurate PP. Your TP and LTP will be what they are from the breakthrough. I’m not aware of a means of “getting” a higher or lower TP of LTP by “gaming” the system except by having an inaccurate PP.

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You don’t want to game the system anyways… what matters is that you get a good signature for you. I’ve played around with xert by just adjusting my signature…

i adjusted the signature so that the tp was similar to what the trainer road system thinks my ftp is… in doing that, i moved my signature away from a sprinter type and more towards a slow twitch endurance type… meaning i lowered pp and hie and used extract in my key tr ramp test workouts… the problem was that suddenly the xert endurance workouts were just too hard and too exhausting i think.

So after you get a good signature for you,
You should just focus on the workouts which will utilize your signature to give you workouts which will allow you to improve whatever aspects of cycling you want to be good at…

In my case, xert thinks I’m a sprinter (hard for me to accept as that’s not the type of athlete i want to be) and as such, my tp and ltp do not look as impressive to me as i would like… but i am choosing not to fight it, i want to try to work within those boundaries and raise the aspects of my fitness That i care about over time with workouts that are in more appropriate zones… I’ve barely begun, but right now I’m seriously trusting that things are going to go easier on training because I’m going to do a lot of slightly easier endurance and stop over-doing the sst zone from TR…


@isaac124 Good response. I was thinking the same. Keep on doing the training and see where the chips fall.
However, the issue is that the 2 start base workouts that xert prescribes at 111-120 watts ares to stupidly easy. I don’t think I am deriving any benefit from them.

This is why for a few weeks, I have decided to do the TrainerRoad Sweetspot workouts.

How much of the new user guides have you read at this point?
What about the podcast series?
As far as SST goes keep this in mind –

I think there is another article somewhere in regard to the fallacy of “no pain, no gain”.
Took me over a month to get knowledgeable enough to understand the core differences between Xert and other training platforms. Then months later to realize a different path to fitness could produce similar results.

If you think your signature is wrong you can correct it or ask to take a look at it.
Or try a BT workout in resistance mode and push on the last interval until failure.
Or do a RAMP test if that is what you are used to, but I don’t suggest relying on RAMP tests in the future. They aren’t required for Xert and are not reliable indicators of fitness.
To select either option click Workouts in left sidebar then search for “break through” or “ramp”.

Thanks for the links and advice @ridgerider2. I have been thinking about switching to a Polarized plan.
I just read the article. Very informative.
I will send a note to Xert Support as well.

Xert has TP at 160 but I assume TrainerRoad FTP was much higher, especially with a peak power well over 800.

It really does sound like you need to put a really good effort in outside on a good climb or try a BT session. The other option is to manually set your signature but personally I would try the first two suggestions over that.

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Thanks, @johnnybike, yes, my TR TP is much higher. I will be doing a BT session soon.

@IAmHolland Thanks for this excellent advice. I was wondering which BT workout to do. I will do the one you recomment. It looks to be really intense.
I use the IOS app. Awesome. Thanks, again for the tips.

I should also add that Scott Steele from Xert repsonded to my Xert support request with similar suggestions. Thanks everyone. Closing this thread. :slight_smile: