LTP question

If my LTP is 275, should I be trying to sit right at about 270-275 as long as possible? Or will a little longer time sitting at 250 or 220 still be good for endurance training? I’m just curious what cost you pay in potential fitness gains for being progressively lower below LTP, is it an exponential cost?

You can model this in the Workout Designer to compare the difference. Xert sees that your TP rises and falls with accumulated lower XSS (Low Training Load) so whatever you can do to increase volume seems to work best.

Thanks. I’ll do that. When you say volume, you just mean time in the saddle? Not defined in your glossary.

Volume in the classic training sense: miles, kilojoules. Time isn’t quite right since you should be aiming to get as much work done in the time you put in to training. Once you start adding too much intensity, it impedes your ability to add volume. This is why LTP is a valuable metric as it represents the most efficient intensity you can use to generate as much volume (ultimately XSS) over a given period.

Thanks, I haven’t trained for anything since I quit Division 1 Beer Drinking in college 30 years ago, so forgive my ignorance of the subtelties.