LTP and VT1

Hi Armando, would you say that LTP is a close proxy for VT1?

That is the belief from the feedback we’ve received from physiologists and sports scientists. It’d be great to see study confirm it.

And TP is approx to VT2/LT2?

Correct, although I would think that TP plays a more foundational role as defining a point of equilibrium since it can be sustained after a period of higher intensity. I’d be curious to know whether lactate levels could rise above what is typically considered LT2 (~4mmol/L) yet still be maintained as a steady state. As is with LTP, it would be great to see studies on this topic.

I think Lactate is somewhat individual? Some riders lactate higher than others, so it would be safe to assume that 4mmol so one rider may be 6mmol for another?

I’ve got some 12month old lactate testing data that puts my LT2 at 352w. My TP on Xert is 348 (I was also a few kgs heavier at testing time too). Given I haven’t been ‘training’ consistently over the past 12 months (mainly just riding with the odd hard ride and race here and there), its a pretty accurate estimate. Although my LT1 at that point was 308w. LTP is currently 287w.