LTP and TP down after breakthrough?

Hi everyone i noticed my fitness signature was stale for about 5 months or so so i wanted to do an all out sprint to see how it would affect my signature after completing my workout. After completing i got a breakthrough but my LTP and TP went down. Hoping to get some suggestions on whether I should delete the activity or leave it as is.

That is an unusual workout. :thinking:
What equipment was it ridden on?
Did the sprint really end that abruptly with no cooldown?
You could flag it to prevent signature calc but retain strain score.
Otherwise the signature looks reasonable according to this chart.

it was done on a tacx 2t neo via the iOS app when selecting “ride” option and yes was done abruptly with no cooldown.

Does a Neo 2T have a power smoothing function you can disable?
This workout primarily tested your PP but since your last BT was over 5 months ago the updated signature algorithm (Nov 2023) adjusted HIE as well.
You could leave things as is and try a fitness test workout from the library next time.
Ride it entirely in Slope mode, exceed targets where able, then spin up for max effort at end of the longer interval and sprint as hard as you can for 5-7 sec or more before failure.
That should bump up your TP if warranted.

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thanks @ridgerider2 appreciate the help! Will try this out and I’m not 100% sure if it does have a power smoothing function that can be disabled.