LTP adjustment

If i feel my TP seems right but LTP seems high, could this indicate i need to try to achieve a higher max power, and as a result LTP will decrease? I seem to have read LTP and max power are intercorrelated on here somewhere? I d prefer feeding the algorythm with a BT attempt over manually overrriding a setting tx!

It’s HIE that needs to be higher for LTP to be lower with TP fixed.

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Cant really deliberate BT on that can i?

In order to reduce LTP you need a BT that will reduce your TP or increase your HIE. Maybe try some short, but intense efforts? Test it out in the workout builder.

TP, HIE and PP are related. High PP → Higher HIE → Lower TP → Lower LTP. Physiologically speaking, if you are more fast twitch oriented (higher PP) then you’ll have more glycolytic capacity (HIE) which would mean more glycolytic contribution at TP (lowers it) and sooner engagement of fast twitch fibers (lower LTP). There is some independant movement of each you can make through training. Coach Steve Neal would want to lower HIE for some types of racing, for example. This raises LTP. Where TP ends up is actually not that important for certain types of racing. Increase HIE with training using intervals between 1 minute - 8 minute power in general.

You can compare your HIE to PP relationship using the chart shown in this article.
For example, compare your PP to the median value HIE.
Keep in mind it’s a bell curve so not lining up in the darker band doesn’t mean your HIE is wrong.
You can prove what your capable PP-wise with a sprint workout, preferably outdoors where watts are likely to be higher than what you can generate indoors.
HIE is also tested during Ronnestad-style workouts that generate a BT.
Failure is expected but try to complete all sets to the best of your ability.
If you haven’t been doing sprint workouts consider adding them on occassion to round out your training. Search the workout library for “sprint”.

Tx, my intervals indeed tend to be x times 4min at 8m power, shortening recovery time inbetween month after month, i almost never do anyting under 2min, so i may need to add that

Adding short efforts seems to he the consensus, tx all! On a happy side note, just had a BT, stepped of the bike 15m ago yay!

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