Lower Threshold power ??

So, my TP is 211 and my LTP is 190. The explanation of what LTP is, in the xert help section, is protracted and confusing. Rather than describing it as an “artifact” ( because, then, I need to find out what an artifact is!) or " endurance energy" ( generates more questions) , just “cut to the chase” and tell me what it is, at the beginning of the article. Then, if I need to learn more, Ill read the rest.

So, is LTP the power I can produce for 10,000 seconds ( 2.77 hours) based on the power curve? Because, somehow I dont think I could do it!!!

It’s not really some that we can measure by how long you can sustain it. Generally, you should start seeing an increase in breathing and it should be harder to talk at LTP. Below LTP is “conversation pace” riding.