Low priority-Suggested Focus Link does not filter the workout list

Starting from the “My Fitness” page. When the user clicks on the suggested Focus link - i.e) “Endurance” - the site navigates to the workout page, with the URI showing having a param “search=Endurance”. however, the search page does not 1) clear the prior search text, and 2) does not filter for the search phrase passed in the URI. figuring this is wired up, but the functionality is not final. I’m sure it’s on the long list of to-dos, maybe another forum post, but when you get to the workout filter section of to-dos, hopefully you’ll include filtering based on rating, xss, & duration. New user, and thought I’d subscribe to help support continued development. Good job overall…riority

Thanks for your support Steven. Every bit helps!!

If you close the workouts tab and click the link, it should properly filter the list. Yes. A broader set of filters is something we are looking at.

So I closed out, but on Safari (10.1), and Google Chrome (Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit)) browsers, simply clicking the “Suggested Focus” link in the “My Fitness page”, does not filter the list according to the Search="" URI for me. There are instances where a prior search is retained if entered into the search field manually on the workout page. but I can’t reproduce consistently right now. FYI- I am on a Macbook Pro, OSX 10.11.6

A couple quick tests I’ve been able to replicate:

HOWEVER, if I hold my “COMMAND” key and click on the suggested focus link => launching a new tab => the text properly fills in the search box and initiates the search.

I also confirmed this by inspecting the HTML code in Chrome, modified the search phrase to: “Search=GC Spec” and tested 1) just clicking on the link => did not properly filter in resulting page, then tested 2) holding “COMMAND” key and clicked on the suggested focus link. The second test launched a new tab and as filtered the search results as expected. I tested adding a “target=_new)” param to the HTML <a href to see if that would result in the same “COMMAND” Key + click (launch a new tab), and while a new tab was launched, the results were not filtered.

Hope the above makes sense. Anyways, low priority even more so, since I know the work around found is holding the “COMMAND” key + click on the suggested focus link. Just not the expectation of the UI as it functions now in my environment. More important stuff for you to focus on… If needed I can always webex with a member of your team, if demonstrating live is helpful. These non-critical type of bugs that should be quick to resolve can be annoying.


I think it may have to do with how the previous search entry is persisted by session and may take precedence over the search from the URL. Annoying and we should look at it.

If you are using/storing session variables on the server side vs simply relying on the URI param value, it seems the work around of “Command” + click on link action wouldn’t work, but it does. I think I see sort of the logic though since you mention session vars. Seems you are storing the value that is manually entered in the search form, as a result, when the user clicks on a right nav link, then goes back to the Workout page, the last text entered is retained. Seems to be some logic that is not clearing the session var as you mentioned on page load if the URI param “search” is not blank. Been a while though since I’ve touched code. Agree - Annoying little non-critical bug =p.