Lost watt

Good evening
Any idea why today I lost 38w on the TP and gain 253W on the Peak power and 6.5 Kj on the HIE? Was just a outside ride with a friend
I can not understand why


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I would post your ride stats. It may help.

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Helluva ride to gain 253 PP. :grinning:

Was the gain in PP a legitimate jump or a power meter blip?
If legitimate an adjustment to your signature was required.
If the new PP isn’t realistic you should flag the activity to exclude the activity from signature calc while retaining the strain score.

It was a legitim jump
The support team helped me to re-adjust the data :slightly_smiling_face:
It was just 1 single sprint at the end of a easy ride with a fantastic weather

Then your previous signature was not correct. But you might still want to go for a breakthrough with the reduced TP. It should be easier now.