Lost speed on Android

Did my first outdoor workout. About 20 mins into the ride the speed went to zero and stayed there. Its using GPS for the speed. The power and HRM sensors were working fine. I changed one setting and that was to disable the remote player. I have tried to get the speed to display again but have failed to do so. The GPS is working fine on the device which is a Xiaomi Mi A1 on Android 8.1.

Can you check that the GPS permission are still set for the app? If you can send support@xertonline.com more specifics, on how to reproduce the issue, that would be great.

Hi Armondo thank you for the super fast response - I think I have figured it out. When you start an activity (time->New->) the session is always defaulted to “Swimming”. When I change this to “cycling” I get the speed reading back. Yesterday when I was out on the bike I did restart the session but didn’t realise I was in “Swimming” mode. It would be a good idea to have it always default to the last session type you were on to avoid this confusion. Love what you are doing with this platform.

Thank you Stephen! This is one of those Android issues that we have sent happen on only certain versions of the OS. It should do what you say.

Update - It seems the problem is not entirely due to the default activity always being “swimming”. The problem is that speed is only reported if the application has been restarted (Exit followed by re launch). If the activity is ended and then resume selected even with “Cycling” selected then the speed/Gps is no longer connected and the only way to get it to connect again is to restart the application. This would indicate that its perhaps not a problem with the OS but that the application is losing its Speed/GPS connection when an activity is stopped and never picking it up again. So the workaround is to start the app clean before an activity if you need speed.

Thank you. We look into correcting that.