Lost several sessions on completion

I have lost several sessions now when the last interval is completed and the timer remains at 0.01 seconds left. I press the floppy disk icon to save (using an Ipad) but nothing seems to happen and I press the right arrow key and it restarts the workout.
Pretty basic stuff I know but very frustrating.

Hi John. Sorry about the trouble. We’ve been working on a new update that addresses this and adds a number of new features. It’s currently in beta. You can check it out here: https://testflight.apple.com/join/t9Zz67Ev

I did try the beta as part of my trial but it had a limitation of workouts available. I have now subscribed for but as I ‘stopped testing’ in TestFlight I no longer have an option to try the beta. Could someone possible send me a link again. Thanks.

See same link above.