Looks like Strava are increasing their prices again

Looks like Strava are increasing their prices again but no-one seems to know by how much!!!


The Excellent DC Rainmaker just did a video about it.

A good lesson I think to make sure your client understand the increase and that they don’t suddendly jack up the prices. Like an endurance ride, we like it slow and steady ;).

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Always good to be prepared for an alternative…
I was already not keen on subscribing to Strava, they got me even more decided not to. Ever.


What bothered me the most was no notification that I was about to pay 65% more.

Strava doesn’t add anything to the athletic experience other than being a social media platform.

Course mapping is better in other apps like Komoot, ride data and long term assessment is handled much better in Trainingpeaks, Garmin and Intervals. All free.

I can certainly live without Strava Premium.


I have an annual subscription since 2012 . if my price goes up significantly (>$10) I will likely go to the free version. I have Xert and Garmin connect (free) for analysis and routes I get from Ride GPS (free) and Gravelmaps.com (free)