Looking for some help

We’re working on a new Race/Event/Achievement feature that allows you to target a specific event or achievement by using another athlete’s power data. For example, you may want to complete a Grand Fondo within a specific time or finish in the top 50 or podium at the regional TT or whatever. If you have the power data that you’d like to perform and the weight of the rider that did it, we can help you train to be able to do the same. The process combines our new relative power algorithm, together with MPA analysis and Forecast AI to help you assess what it will take and plan for it. As part of the plan, you may decide to lose (or gain) some weight which will affect the final signature you will need to reach in order to achieve your goal! Super cool stuff!

As you can see from the middle option in the screenshot, we’re building a Race/Event Library and I’m asking for your help in populating the library with events and results you’d like to be able to achieve and you think others may want to train for as well. For example, if there is race or event or achievement that you like to target, say you want to podium at a grand fondo in your age category, and you have a FIT file and weight of a someone that made the podium, send me the details and we’ll include it in the library!

What we need is:

  1. Name of the event/achievement, description and web URL if available.
  2. FIT file and weight of the athlete that performed it. You should ask them for it and/or use Strava Sauce to download the FIT file. Asking for their permission is appropriate, even though Strava makes many athlete’s power data public.

Note that we won’t be showing anyone’s name or even show their power data or weight information. It’ll be used behind-the-scenes and transformed for each user that uses it for an event target.

We can then add it to the library as a Race/Event that users can choose from for analysis.

Send detailed information together with your FIT file to support@xertonline.com so we can include it and start to fill in our library in preparation for the launch of this exciting new feature!

Many, many thanks!