Looking for a little guidance please

I wonder if someone can help me with a query I have this morning…

The Adaptive Training Advisor is showing that I’m in the “Build” phase and it says my “Interval Targets” are 221w, my training is Fresh and according to the “Planner” I was yellow on Monday and have been Blue Tue, Wed, and Today. Yet I’m being recommended “Endurance” workouts with workout intervals of 124w and 149w which give an overall avg watts of 133w.

Why is this so far below the Interval Targets watts of 221w?

I’m getting a bit confused by the daily recommendations of XATA.

Maybe I need to make some changes somewhere to my settings?

I’m a “Climber” and on a “Moderate -1” improvement rate. My “Freshness Feedback” is set at 0.

I’ve been playing around with the freshness feedback slider for the last 20 minutes and just happened to set it to 10 and set the filters to workouts of up to 1 hour duration. The recommended workouts look a bit more like it now, but there’s now 3 “Smart Taxman” workouts showing as the 4 reccmmended workouts???

Why would it be showing me 3 of the same workouts?


Are the two kicker intervals in the suggested workout not ~249 Watts? The Taxman workouts are similar, not the same and vary depending on how you execute them (Smart). At any rate, they would be closer to the suggested interval targets, I think…

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These workouts only showed after upping my freshness feedback to 10 though. And I’m still struggling to understand why there are 3 with the same name. If you’re saying all 3 are different then why do they not have different names?
I’m still struggling to understand the basic issue I’m seeing if I have my freshness feedback set to 0. Isnt 0 the default setting?

There is only 1 Taxman workout and tbh, I don’t know what logic Xert uses to offer them to you as three separate workouts. They are different, so you have a choice, but I agree it’s not very clear.

I often get 3 or 4 near identical workouts offered as well - the only thing they have in common, is that they fall within the recommendation criteria.

You can always just go for the recommended and ignore the others, or use the filter - or workout library - to search and pick another.

Yes, 0 is the default, but Xert has no way of telling how fresh you really are. It’s an educated guess at best, but any number of circumstances may influence your actual feeling and appetite for a workout.

Don’t overthink it :sunglasses:

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There are 3 Taxman workouts…

Cool - I get only one, but I seem to be having a lot lower total (workouts) than you.

It would be easier if they got a different name, like the hardness tests.

(Also when I use my phone)

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There’s one on the standard tab and another 2 on the coaches tab

Your coaches made a copy of the workout.

Maxwell Power whovever he is maybe did then. He appears to have made 2 copies. Hes certainly not my coach.

Could it be that there are duplicates in the shared workouts group?

Hi George,

Those are some of the Beta workouts. Only you (and other Beta users) will see those. The workout is generally the same for all three, but how they’re executed in the system is different (the two of them from Max Power are designed using our new Smart workout intervals). One of them is SMART w/ dynamic duration (fixed power) intervals and the other is SMART with dynamic power intervals (fixed duration). Mostly designed to think about how we want to implement Smart Power vs Smart Duration workouts, because it’ll be rather confusing for people when they see two identical workouts with the same title.

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Ah okay, understood thanks Scott.

The thought is that it would be nice for people to choose between workouts that will be SMART and last longer (or shorter) depending on execution, while other people may only have a fixed 60 minute window to train. For those people, they may want an option to still do SMART workouts, but still be done with their training in 60 minutes.

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Yes that’s a great idea but you probably dont want 3 of the same name and similar in intervals taking up 3 of the 5 recommended workouts on xata. Just my thought of course :wink:

Exactly. That’s where we’ll experiment with the UI and offer filters or tags which would allow you to sort by which type of SMART workout you’d like to do. Still all in the works… (there’s always stuff in the works here at Xert :wink: )

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Sounds perfect :+1:

By the way I used the android app version 3.4.6 and it was flawless. The speed was also spot on. Thanks :+1:

And the powermatch works really well

Yes, zero is the default setting, but it’s not necessarily the setting you should use.
For example, my slider is normally set to 8 because I’ve found over time that setting most accurately reflects my ability to recover based on how I currently train with Xert.
Your ideal setting will vary based on your current settings (IR, athlete type, phase) and how well you respond to the recommended strain week to week.
I may need to adjust the slider when I reach peak phase and the workouts become harder or if I increase IR and the extra hours begin to tax me.
At any rate 0 is just a the mid point on the bell curve so to speak. YMMV

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Thanks ridgerider 2. That’s really helpful. :+1: