Longer Workouts

I noticed the vast majority of workouts are focused around 1-1.5 hours. On a given day, my available workout time can fluctuate from 30 min to 8 hours. If I have more time available and am looking to follow your workouts on a Smart Trainer, is there any customizable time-duration for the workout selections? If I’m training for a long event, like a Gran Fondo, will weeks full of relativity shorter day by day workouts give me the proper buildup to perform in relation to a plan that incorporates much longer workouts?

Just curious, and to be frank, I use your service more for the ftp calculations, breakthroughs, and MPA (fantastic for pacing) than the actual workouts.

It will use your average workout length to determine how much XSS should be targeted. If you have more time available, use the Load More button to choose a longer workout. If you still have more time available then you’ll need to review the Workout Library and find an even longer workout.

Sounds reasonable, thanks for the advice.