Long stop, which decay?

Hi, had a long stop (90 days) due to accident with multiple fractures.
Just restarting slowly, will do base training for a while but I would liek to know which is the best decay option to update fitness signature and restart. I have chosen optimal decay, which has brought TP from 276 to 176W on the graph (which is fine for me) but then on my home screen it says TP 154W. Not a big deal right now, would just like to know why and if that decay option is the good one for such a long stop with no activity

If you don’t anticipate any maximal efforts soon, No Decay would be appropriate.
Details here: Returning to Training after a Break – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

Are you referring to the XPMC chart?
Signature numbers should match home screen when you hover over the Today line.
If not try a browser page refresh (F5).

Thanks. Just tried to switch to No Decay and it recalculated all my progression, lowering my TP from 276W (as it was 90 days ago) to 219W now
When I had applied “optimal decay” it had lowered TP from 276W to 176W for the period in which I was inactive (until a few days ago, and I just did 3 very easy and short Z1 sessions since I started againa few days ago)
I would like to understand which one is better to estimate a re-starting TP (as per zone calculations 219W or 176W TP change the picture sensibly) as I don’t want to do any ramp test right now (and I know in Xert you don’t do them anyway)

Reading this (in particular the health issues part) I understand No Decay is not the proper one with health issues?

Go with the lower number, Xert will quickly adapt to a higher TP if it senses you can produce better power/performance.

If you are riding inside, please note that you are going to have to try a breakthrough ride. None the less starting lower will dial you in faster than starting higher and suffering for it to get dialed in.

If you took that much time off, IMO small decay was the correct choice.

Yes, 90 days completely off and I can’t push right now and for a while; at least next month (or may be more) will be only Z1 or Z2 indoor riding
Reverted back to optimal decay put me at 162W from previous 276W 90days ago
I will try to force a recalculation with small decay just to see how it goes but will surely stick with a low value for the moment
Interest was mainly to find the corresponding Z2 but in this first phase I’ll go with HR Z2 instead