Long rides with efforts + off season

Hi dear fellows cyclists!
I am shortly going to close my very first season of cycling (start back in february, I am coming from 10k/half marathon running) and I will take 10 days off before starting again with base phase. Going from 200 ftp to 260 (62kgx178cm)
Question number 1: I got a huge amount of training from February, now over 15k km) and arrived to 5 start in xert. Would you go this 10 days completely off or do something? I will be in a greek island where I can rent a mountainbike and do some random rides. Let’s go with the main concern!
I plan my main events to be around february/march and june/july. The early season races will be second category (I live in Palma de Mallorca, but I am Italian) and around 100 to 140km long.
I’m doing during the last few weeks some trials around long rides (4/5 hours with 2000 to 3000m of gain) having effort during climbs. For example 12’ of over/under and long interval at sweetspot (normally after the 3/4 hour where I start to be quite fatigued) etc etc. I see myself really improved in durability and physical/mental strenght when on the bike, since I started this types of training.
Do you think is a good practice to keep on doing once I will be back on preparing for racing? Or is better to separate intervals from long rides?
I’m guessing this is a good way of simulating the races I’ll face. As they’re long, got mountain and strong guys to catch :rofl:

Thanks a lot for reading the long message and have a nice training week!