Long effort over MPA, No breakthrough

I performed a significantly long effort over MPA and had an open circle “fakethrough” in a recent activity.
When reading about open circle, it is usually resulting from an effort close to MPA, but not over. I would like to know what is causing to be not a breakthrough.

Thank you !

That was a pretty even effort with a relatively massive amount of time above MPA, which Xert has a bit of trouble with - multiple, shorter efforts above MPA trigger breakthroughs better. This is something I see fairly often as a runner as my workouts & races tend to be more evenly paced compared to the stochastic nature of cycling.

In such cases I typically go to the “Advanced MPA” tab on the activity, adjust the values of my fitness signature a bit to be closer to what I think they would be and then use the “extract” function to allow Xert to fine-tune my fitness signature.

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Worked perfectly,
Thank you so much!