Loading Xert workouts to AppleTV Zwift?

Is it possible to load Xert workouts into the Apple TV version of Zwift? I followed what I thought were the instructions for doing so but I still don’t see any Xert workouts in Zwift although I am able to see my TrainingPeaks workout in Zwift. Please advise how to best utilize Xert with my Apple TV version of Zwift. Thanks!

Never mind. I just got it figured out. Thanks anyway.

How did you manage to do it?

I did a system restart on my AppleTV and that seemed to complete the sync process.

Thanks for the reply. How did you get them to appear in the custom workout folder though? Did you sync them from Training Peaks?

if you build them in TP you can have them put in your calendar and they will sync across on the day. I download from xert, put them in the workouts folder in zwift using windows explorer then have to start zwift on PC to put the workout in the zwift game. Then when I go to ATV the workout will be there. Bit of a pain but not too much hassle. Would be sweet though if zwift synced with xert like training peaks.


Thanks Neil. That’s what I’ve been doing, powering up my old laptop that has zwift on it and downloading the zwo file to the workout folder and then starting zwift to pull it through to the custom workouts folder. It’s a bit of a pain. I thought you maybe knew of a way to do it for the Apple tv.


I was wondering how to get the Xert workout file on Apple TV. I did what David did downloaded the ZWO file put it in the workout folder for Zwift on my mac book then restarted my Apple TV and the workouts where there under custom workouts