Loading activities data from Training Peak (TP) and Strava

I am trying to do a massive upload from Strava and TP for the last 6 years.
If some of the activities are “runs” or “rides” without power data but just some manual TSS adjustment from HR and duration, what is the best way to load activities in Xert without creating a bug showing a > 1000 FTP Capture

Firstly, although more data is better, too much data and things can slow down during processing. Only load up that few years of meaningful data. This is also important since fitness prediction looks at all your activities to correlate training load and fitness so if you’re different now than 6 years ago, the predictions may not be as accurate.

To find anomaliies, use the Activity Table and expose the Max Power column. You can then sort by this. Most spikes get removed but if you have a few seconds of a consecutive values won’t register as an anomaly.