Literature on MPA?

As a medical person I searched for scientific papers on MPA in Pubmed but did not find anything related to that. Can you point me to any pertinent studies on and calculation of MPA?

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Hi Ludwig. Our calculation of MPA is currently proprietary to the company. We are pursuing various research opportunities across a number of areas. Given the simple, individual level validation MPA provides (i.e. your power data itself validates MPA everytime you perform a maximal effort) we believe the community of scientists, coaches and athletes can obtain many benefits prior to the publication of research papers on it.

Armando, thank you very much. Let me first say that I am very impressed by the work you guys have done with Xert. It is certainly amazing to watch the MPA value going done and meeting the power curve at the moment where you feel that you cannot maintain the power output much longer. Marvelous. So you are right that a inherent and subjective MPA validation occurs with every maximal effort.
Papers on the other hand report on (comparative, prospective, randomized) studies where concepts are validated and are than open to scientific discussion and attempts to repeat the results found. Has the MPA concept been verified in such a way?
I hope I am not too intrusive with these questions. If so, feel free to delete them.

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Not a problem. These are questions all sports scientists want to know. There hasn’t yet been a full study on MPA. There are some old studies that discuss the concept tangentially but did not take it as far as we have. The scientific process (as you know) can be involved and we have our hands full keeping the lights on, managing employees and adding new capabilities to our software. I’ve said before on other forums, we’re hoping the scientific community catches up with us and give us a hand. A lot to ask of a small software startup to tackle all the possibilities of what all this means on our own.

Actually I am not a sports scientist, but a recently retired radiologist. It’s only personal curiosity. It appears to me you could profit from a collaboration with a sports science institute.