Linking two workouts together as a selection for your current workout

I was wondering if there is a way to have 2 workout link together to run as one right after another? The thinking is have a set piece warmup then once complete jump into another workout, skip past the warmup and go straight into the specific aspects so to speak? Thoughts, is it something that could be possible? My idea is a workout warm up that is consistent, then have a way to link it into another work out, maybe the warmup part has the word “warmup” in the segment name so it can see that and skip those segments?

Not automatic, but you can do this now by selecting a workout, end it, select another, skip warm-up, and continue until ready to end and save the activity. The title name will be the last workout selected but you can always edit that to describe what really happened. :wink:

I did this today by starting a BT workout on EBC, realizing No Way Jose 30 minutes in, switched to another workout, that was too much as well, switched to a basic LTP workout and rode for 90 minutes total. I re-titled it “Not Today”, described it as “mixed media cop-out”, and noted form prediction was correct but I elected to ignore it. :zipper_mouth_face:

I assume you did that exactly how? ie did you stop and save one then search find anther start, stop, save, search etc?
I am thinking in terms of a planned 2 fer, where you don’t want to add the warm up to a new workout just have it as a set piece.

I too have bailed and then run a new one but it is a bit cumbersome. Running programming is what computers are good at, the thing is can it be told to do this or is it too much and that is why no one has this feature or at least that I know of. Just warped out of the box thinking.

This was my unplanned mixed media workout. :smiley:
EBC Android on a Kingkong Mini 2.
First workout was pre-selected from the library so that was at top of the list to Start workout.
Stopped that 30 minutes in and selected End Workout then picked one from the recommended list. Stopped that 15 minutes later and did a filtered search to find the over/under LTP workout.
About 10-15 seconds to make the workout change while pedaling the whole time.
I should also point out the LTP workout was 2 hours long. I simply stopped it when total activity time reached 90 minutes on EBC, cooled down for a bit (I usually wait until HR is below 100), then ended the activity and saved.
Retitled the workout on XO a few minutes later and that also updated to Strava.

Result with arrows showing where I stopped and ended each of the three workouts, all recorded as one activity –

cool so you only stopped and then chose a new one and started and on you went… I have never tried that on the android EBC. Thanks for showing this it was informative.

Still curious about the ability though to “merge” two workouts into one smooth seamless workout.

Either use Xert EBC to combine the two separate workouts as outlined by @ridgerider2 or copy one workout to your personal workout library and manually add in the steps for the second workout (e.g. literally combine the two into one Personal workout).

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not the idea I had in mind, instead have a canned warm up then attached it via a merge to any workout without the hassle of rewriting a new workout. Say I want to try mywarmup + Lucy in the sky or any other workout it is a simple tie them together, then when I hit lucy jump through warmup and off I go… Such a simple solution? but I can see how it might be a program problem. This then means you can combine any 2 (or more) workouts to make a new one and that then makes the number of workouts nearly infinite. Again just blue sky dreaming.

Sounds not so much like two workouts added together than maybe some kind of workout building blocks that can be put together easily. Would probably usually be warmup, work, cooldown, where the work part is what the workout is all about and warmup and cooldown is more personalized. Maybe someone would put two ‘work’ parts in there one with a short focus duration and some easy endurance after that?
You can do all that with the workout editor but maybe if one could save a set of steps as a ‘block’ and then fit the blocks together quickly?

exactly, take a personalized warm up and cool down block(s) and add a workout block in the middle and you have a really flexible system where you can link them together without the hassle of the workout editor.

Okay then here’s my pie-in-the-sky idea — :smiley:

Similar to free ride outdoors to focus there would be a function in EBC to free ride indoors.
First off there is a duration slider at the top of page that defaults to XATA’s usual day-of-week duration based on prior weeks or simply sits in the middle of the slider that ranges from 30 minutes to 3 hours in 15-minute increments. Whatever you slide to determines the range for intended workout (+/- 10 minutes). For example, slide to 60 minutes means you can work out 50-70 minutes today.

  1. Pick Free Ride option for Indoors (button above normal workout selection).
  2. Pick a warm-up option represented by thumbnail charts. Could be a standard 10-minute format, a ramp style version, a longer one such as 20 minutes, and one that includes some spin up spikes. Or you can create a custom warm-up using WD and that is one of the options.
  3. Pick a quadrant rather than focus duration point, so there are 4 choices: Endurance, All-rounder, Attacker, Sprinter.
  4. Next there are thumbnail workouts to choose from which include focus duration labels, same as selections work now. Essentially you filtered the list by time available and the results match your status stars to difficulty level and selected quadrant. You’ll see a range of workouts within each quadrant. For example, Climber, GC Specialist and Rouler options if you picked All-rounder (10 to 6 minute focus).
  5. Pick one and start the workout.
    EBC runs the warm-up you selected followed by the workout portion (minus default workout warm-up).

I don’t think you need cooldown options, but there could be a “smart” cooldown function. The app monitors HR decline and reduces watts each minute to ensure that. Then the workout ends automatically. For example, I like to wait until HR drops below 100 before I end a workout activity. No doubt some formula could apply instead such as lower watts gradually until X% of maxHR is reached.

In practice you would move the duration slider (if needed), tap free ride, tap warm-up (select one), tap quadrant (select a workout), tap Start. Similar to riding a recumbent bike at a fitness gym. You hop on, tap a few buttons, and go.
XATA is still functioning in background but the free ride indoors option lets you quickly choose amongst alternates.

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Exactly! now you have what might be the basis of a plan to implement. This is a very good idea on top of the more general suggestion. @xertedbrain can this be something that is possible within the constraints of the program? This would make XERT truly one of a kind and might grab a few more users? The Smart Intervals is a really cool and unique feature of workouts, this would further enhance the workout library.

One reason for the idea is the use of a standard warmup that can be paired with either HRV or HR and used to see readiness to train. AI Endurance is implementing this sort of thing but I am not certain how theirs will work. Then if you see a low readiness in the warmup you could then link to a different workout that fits the requirements sort of like what @ridgerider2 did above. This or just to have multiple options for workouts. Right now if I do not like the warmup in the workout I have to modify it in the workout designer then save it etc etc etc…which is a pain.

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