Linked running & cycling accounts

I just logged into my “running” account and I was prompted to link it to my main cycling account. I linked them, but I am not sure what, if anything, changed. Anyone else have this happen recently?

I just tried to log into my running account and it would not let me do anything other than link or log out - so I linked - now I can’t see any of my running training info - only the main cycling ?

found the answer ! - upper right user circle - drag down to running - nice solution !

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I am seeing a lot of errors though since this account was linked ( here is an example )

DataTables warning: table id=activities - Requested unknown parameter ‘type’ for row 0, column 9. For more information about this error, please see 4. Warning: Requested unknown parameter

Out of curiosity, do use run with power such as Stryd?

I get power from my Garmin fenix 6 watch + HRM-Pro heart rate monitor. I don’t use running power to make any running-related decisions. Right now I am just logging it to see how I could use.

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That’s interesting. I asked support previously for a separate running account and was told I couldn’t have one as I was not using a running power meter such as a stryd unit.

I was using a HRM also but couldn’t get a separate account for some reason.

I use Garimin IQ Running Power - no foot or hip pod, just the tri strap


And do you have a separate xert running account?

yes I did until today but now when I log in with that account credentials it says :

Account linked to username: xertjeb. Please log in to this account to use Xert.

and I have to log in with my cycling account and then switch to see the running only using the user account circle log in the top right

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You may be able to add a “running” account your self. Hover over your name in the top right of the page. Since I linked my accounts, I have them listed here, plus the option to add more profiles.

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Hey folks. Haven’t announced the new feature yet so that we can make sure we’ve ironed out all the kinks first. Send a note to if you see any issues so we can track them.


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Does the xss and activities of both profiles (cycling and running for exemple) impacts the training recommandations in each sport?

can you tell us how we get our devices to recognize the correct sport after this change ? my Garmin edge 1030 that was connected to my cycling account and my Garmin 945 was connected to the running account - but now how do they each get the right data for my xert IQ apps ?

Email support. After linking my accounts only cycling is being added. I have been going into my Strava sync tab and manually adding swims and strength training.

I have linked my running and cycling account. Today I notice that Weekly Stats in Planner have increased significantly. Hours, XSS/day, and total XSS are the sum of my running+cycling, and thus the same in both profiles, whereas TL, HTL, and LTL are sport specific. Is this a first step and attempt to account for total training strain for us doing multiple sports (which would be very good news) or a bug? Anyone else having the same observation?

@xertedbrain, should I stop manually adding my runs to my cycling account if I have linked my accounts?

Yeah. We caught that and should have a fix out shortly. Looking to offer a way to see both running and cycling on the calendar at the same time. Looking to get that out shortly and fix this at the same time.


There isn’t an easy answer unfortunately. I’d keep them together and manually input XSS from running or other activities. However, if I had a Stryd or other running power meter, I’d want to separate them.

There is no cross-over calculations between XSS from running to cycling and vice versa (remember that XSS is actually 3 XSS values added together so this process isn’t so easy). So you have to account for that indirectly. We’re looking to put together some guidance on how to do that. Stay tuned.


There’s a need to crop bike power out of the file automatically from multi sport files, such as Tri and duathlons :slight_smile: