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Hardness Test workouts are always going to be tough to complete even when especially fresh and motivated.
When I know I’ll be short of the High strain goal (and I’m not cooked), I’ll add some more red intervals during cooldown at whatever watts and duration I can muster. That may require skipping back to start of cooldown to extend the workout as necessary.

I havne’t had a breakthrough since Nov and workouts weren’t feeling quite hard enough so last Saturday I loaded up a long climb on the smart trainer and started my Garmin with the MPA IQ data field.

My plan was hold 10-20 watts above threshold until MPA was depleted, hang on, and then give it full beans when I couldn’t hang on anymore.




Thought I had a breakthrough. Nice evening ride with impromptu sprint with buddy. For some reason peak power not revised??? Not even noted as a near breakthrough. Will have to do the sprint again and see what happens.

What was duration of time spent above MPA? Did it give ‘fakethrough’ instead of breakthrough?

Although I’d have thought PP would be a pretty instantaneous one.

In short, too short. :slight_smile:
The Xert server treats any short spikes as potential power spikes that should be excluded from signature calcs.
If you want to prove your PP value is higher than it is include some short sprints with at least 5-7 secs of max effort. Up a short hill is the easiest way to do that.

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@ridgerider2 is spot on here. The system can ignore very short, high-power efforts which are sometimes just erroneous/wacky data from a power meter. If possible, hold on a bit longer next time :slight_smile:

If you’re sure the data is valid, you can manually override the PP value which you circled in your image and click the ‘Save’ button and Xert will update accordingly!

Congrats :partying_face: I wish I had 1300 W max power! haha!

LOL, who has time for 5-7 seconds of max effort??? :rofl: I’ll have to move things around in my calendar.

We’ll have to see what can be done, need to convince my buddy that we should do it again; although I’m fairly certain we regretted our decision for the rest of the ride.

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