Hitting MPA (repeatedly) 4+ hours into a ride… Wow! Excellent effort!

Decided to try a 20ish minute effort on the Zwift Epic KOM today, with a slight bump. Then endurance up Alpe Du Zwift. Got the Quatch Quest badge today.


I really have no idea what I am doing here :joy:. I am very new here and I only use Xert for training. I am still trying to figure out why with this BT my TP power decreased . I want to increase my TP. I am also still trying to figure out what workouts will allow me to do this. Everything is decaying :joy:. Any suggestions for a newbie? Thanks you all

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What should i Do if a breakthrough was too easy?
Greets from Austria!

This is awesome buddy!

What mode did you ride in? Slope or auto or ERG? The reason I ask is I am wondering if I need to do all BT rides in Slope as Auto mode isn’t fast enough with the switching of intervals.

Thank you!

This is great! Congratulations!!

What mode did you ride in? I am wondering what’s the best mode for producing a BT.


I would do it again (when recovered) and next time make sure you go to failure… if it was a workout, switch to slope mode so you can keep going / ignore the interval timer. It shouldn’t feel remotely easy once your signature is accurate

Yes I would do it in slope mode. Doesn’t have to be the whole workout e.g. you can switch for the last intervals… doesn’t even need to be a workout - can be any effort that is above TP and leads to failure / inability to maintain power (technically when you put out more power than Xert thinks you can at that point i.e. MPA)

Thanks for your answer. I failed at the second intervall because i hate standing on the trainer😊. Maybe someone knows a xert workout with out the nedd to Do standing? I never sprint in real lifehttps://www.xertonline.com/activities/opo7vkn4r5gypgyp

Just did this one. Even though I was well rested for the second set of intervals I did not manage to complete the last one which was supposed to last 2’. After 30" I collapsed on my bike.

Anything specifically I should do to improve on such an interval? I can sustain an effort at 130% of my TP for quite a while, but 2’ at 250% is too much for me. Also, is it worthwhile to try and improve on that. I am 58yrs old, so maybe that type of effort should be avoided?

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That is a good thing. :wink:
Most BT workouts are designed to drive you to failure either during an interval or while trying to repeat them in a row.
While this particular BT workout is designed to be ridden in AUTO mode others should be ridden in slope mode to ensure failure points.
In either case you got good results and gold medal signature adjustment to boot. :+1:

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What went wrong here was not you not being able to finish the last interval but rather you being able to finish the five (?) minutes red block at the end of the first intervals. You’re supposed to not be able to finish that one too. It’s designed to drive you to failure, that’s what a breakthrough is. So maybe do another try in a week or so when you feel well rested. And expect to fail twice to get an accurate signature.
Most people (me included) would also suggest doing the breakthrough/designed-to-fail intervals in slope mode since the failure then is more natural and Xert does a better job of finding your signature with not just stopping to pedal but trying to go on and failing.


Help me understand HIE breakthroughs more. Got this in a Zwift race. I wasn’t maxed out because the lead group wasn’t going as fast as I could have. But I didn’t want to break away cuz I would have burned up without the draft. At the end I did go all out the last mile.

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Yeah, I think my signature may have been a bit stale, I’ve been riding at IR Moderate-2 in December and Moderate-1 in January and only discovered this week that I should not have used ‘Optimal decay’. According to the player I was riding at MPA during 2 minutes, by definition that should not be possible I guess.

I probably should ride more in ‘slope’ anyway. I always ride in Auto and watch Netflix.

me too :slight_smile: That’s kinda the beauty of indoor riding I think, you can multitask some entertainment while doing it instead of just staring at the road in front of you.
If you go for a breakthrough though slope mode is better. When you almost fall of your bike with exhaustion you miss halve of the story you are watching anyways :wink:
I like no decay mode to minimize the need for breakthroughs, it works not too bad and if you do go all out and get a breakthrough or near breakthrough every once in a while the signature is validated.
But I don’t ride much and at the moment not at all and I might have the lowest signature of all, so I might not be the best example.

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Been experimenting with decay settings and IR changes during this year’s progression so I knew TP was running low by the time I got around to this month’s BT attempt.
Under Pressure workout as normal plus my own sprint attempts at the end for fun. Haven’t gotten a PP bump doing it this way, but always give it a try when I feel up to it.
Crazy thing is new sig is 1 pt lower than my peak TP last year and it’s only the first week in February. :man_shrugging:


Just training session :slight_smile:


Managed to snag myself my first breakthrough since November! Been on No Decay for the last ~4.5 months and Xert had me within 2W of my TP. Pretty neat, I think!

The trusty old Ronnestadt workout still hurts… 4.5 Diamond Difficulty!


I think if I attempted that workout I’d suffer heart failure. Chapeau.

Set a decent fitness signature with Fitness Test v3 last week so wasn’t expecting a BT today, but got a bronze in my first non-workout ride since Xert joining 10 days ago. Loved watching the MPA drain in the app as I climbed Alpe du Zwift in their Rapha Rising challenge, it was a great motivator. I won’t be doing full hour power often though, much prefer the shorter maximal efforts!

I used to create my own workouts based on W’bal in Golden Cheetah, so you can imagine, as a nerd, I’m loving Xert!