Lets all give kudos to the ManofSteele - Scott Steele - XERT support guru!

Scott tirelessly moderates and answers all of our questions - here as well as on XERT support. He is a rockstar!

Let’s all say THANKS to Scott !!


Thanks Mitch… I love helping everyone out! Hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two from my frequent rants :grin:


I also agree with this statement. I am really impressed by the fast and precise support given by Scott. And I am also impressed by the XERT training concept and implementation.


I second this. Scott has been amazingly patient answering questions on this forum and via the support email. Thanks, Scott. :slight_smile:

+1 and everything with restraint and patience. :slight_smile:

Thanks Scott!

Not a bad cyclist too :smiley:

This is much warranted post to give Scott some props. He has always been really helpful and his responses are detailed and prompt. Thanks again for everything Scott and keep up the good work!