Latest XBL Podcast: Episode 26 - Why Do Structured Training and Not With %FTP


Good one today. I was a little confused on the bit about structured workouts. My understanding has been that structured workouts are only there because other systems don’t have a way to look at “unstructured” work and quantify the effect on your fitness; Xert can. For me, that means I’m pretty diligent in ramping up TL while also reducing focus duration toward my target dates. I get that if you race too much, that might mean too much recovery to keep your TL where you want it, but if I do a group ride with a Roleur focus, 80 Difficulty, and 150 XSS, what’s the difference between that and an interval workout with the same specs? I spose the group ride is more likely to be mixed or polar, is that it?

You might find a difference in specificity rating, otherwise they are the same in Xert terms.