Latest Smart Workout - Highway to Hell

Time-trials are hard, and they’re even harder if you go out too fast. Feel the difference between proper and improper pacing in this demonstration workout that’s also a great workout on its own.

Really!! 6mins with Power Output above MPA AND hold it above TP?! You’re always good in luring me to do an interesting workouts but I’m not whirling this one with less than 75 TL & Green Form. Oh I felt nauseated just from looking at it, You should’ve called it “If you’re not vomiting then you’re not riding” :).

Haha Shar. It’s not that bad. The first 10 minute interval goes hard for about 3 minutes, then it drops down to just over TP for 7 or so. If you like to tone it down a bit, make a copy and change the first target from 300 XSSR to 200 XSSR or less. Ultimately, you need to sense what happens when you go out too fast and have to hold threshold vs. holding above threshold for 10 minutes. The second will feel easier despite being faster. Notably, as mentioned on Facebook, the second will be considered more difficult according to other software that looks to optimize pacing using normalized average power. Tsk tsk. :slight_smile:

Ah… I see what happened. Your specific signature combination made the 300 XSSR impossible! I’ve brought it down to 270 which should still provide the same effect and be more achievable. Thanks for pointing that out!

Right on Armando, Now we’re talking :). you got me motivated :). And BTW how my " specific signature" effect other Xert Workouts ?

For that, you’ll need to experiment. We try and make all workouts the same in terms of difficulty and training value, independent of the signature but there are some interval targets that cannot be made completely identical. As in this case, some can reach 300 XSSR and sustain for longer periods but others will find this impossible. This is a reason for having “alternate” Hardness Tests. As the total XSS goes up for the workout, the more difficult it was to maintain the exact workout pattern used in the Hardness Test for all athletes.