Latest Podcast - Episode 15: Questions and Answers

The gang answers questions from Xerters in the second q&a podcast, like:

  1. Where can I get help with Xert?
  2. What is XSSR, how do I use it and how is related to Difficulty Score and Maximal Effort Time?
  3. Why do longer intervals feel harder than shorter intervals but I get more XSS for the shorter ones?
  4. Why is it hard to see MPA come down at the end of a long ride?
  5. Why can’t I reach MPA?
  6. Where can I find about the XSS that applies to my low, high and peak systems?
  7. Why does Xert count all my stops in the calculation of averages?
  8. How do I best use the Fitness Planner?

Great podcast thanks. I enjoyed it but not sure I’m any clearer on xssr. Probably just me being slow on the uptake. I’ll listen to it again tonight.

I think a lot of the learning in xert is quite difficult, however, I’ve found playing around with the workout creator and looking at the different impacts helps to visually understand a lot of the concepts.