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Here’s a sneak peek at some of the cool things we’re working on for 2023:


Wow! :astonished: :+1:

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I love you ! :crazy_face:

wow looking forward to what it brings :grinning: :sweat_smile:

Oh, LOOK at that planner! She’s a beauty eh’?

Great news - for the Club Events do we have to run both Zwift and EBC-App?
I am asking because I run Zwift on the iPad and I can not use bluetooth connections twice (iPad and iPhone)
The only workaround I found out was startling both apps on the iPad and giving the trainer control Xert EBC. But running Xert EBC In background I can not see when and what interval comes next - what may be necessary for me.

Ideally, you’ll need power connected to Zwift and power and trainer connected to EBC. Best way to do this is use ANT for Zwift and Bluetooth for EBC.

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Excited about the planner! Would love to no longer need TrainingPeaks. Hoping that it will be possible to add notes to days in the future that can say things like “Travelling all day” or whatever.


and which file should I saved? ebc or zwift?

Doesn’t matter, although if you’re using different power sources, pick the one that has the power data that you use most often.