Latest Blog: Xert’s Magic Setting – Track Your Daily Improvements

I must be blind. I can’t find the location where you can change this setting.

Hi Alex, look at the top right of your page, and click on your username, then Account Settings, then on Profile. Under XPMC Settings the last one is named Signature Decay Method, here you can change from original to one of the new methods including No Decay. Post how you get on or if you need more help.

Perfect. I’m planning on a longish period of sweet spot and don’t expect any break-though workouts. I don’t expect any decay in form other than maybe a bit at the high end, but that doesn’t bother me at the moment so I want to keep the settings from decaying.

Hi. If you set back to Original will that change just apply from that point in time forward and your progression history based on No-decay remain unchanged? Any advice re using slow faster and fastest decay?

Just changing the value only affects new activities. The other new decay options are currently being evaluated. Feel free to experiment and provide feedback.