Last Breakthrough is a near miss?

The main screen is showing a near miss as the last breakthrough.

It is solved now, thanks. One question though,
Does a near miss has an impact on the fitness signature?

Yes. It reduces it.

Wow, I thought so, according to the number I saw in my XPMC chart.
Why is that? Is it assumed that there was a high effort that could not reproduce the previous fitness, so it updates it (by reducing it)?
If that is the case, what if that was not the highest effort? for example, what if that was just the natural effort following a group of riders, you just give the effort to follow the group and not necessarily your highest effort.

It has to be sufficiently close to your MPA to be caught. The benefit of this is that the system is able to pick up reductions in fitness that may be caused by being tired or various other possibilities. It is key information for you to know. It normally is only a few watts and something that doesn’t have a material impact to training. If it is a fakethrough as the users on FB call it, you’ll soon be able to get a real breakthrough and return the signature back to higher levels (assuming you’re getting fitter!).