Larger fonts in connect iq Garmin app?

Hi. I’ve been using the Garmin Connect iq app for a few workouts but the font on my 520 is ao small I can’t really use. It. Are there any plans to enhance the Garmin app and make the font larger to read or configurable? The workout player for pc isn’t an option for me as all my workouts are done either with a phone/tablet or my Garmin. I suspect I am not alone. Thanks!

You can open the Remote Player on your phone/tablet. :slight_smile: The space on the Garmin is quite limited unfortunately.

Hi. I can open the player on my iPad or iphone but my Bluetooth smart devices don’t run in the browser player. To the best of my knowledge I don’t believe I can use the browser player on iOS can I?

Remote Player gets the data from your Garmin, Android (and also our iOS app). It doesn’t use BT.