Lack of appropriate GC workouts

Apologies if this has been covered recently, but I couldn’t find it with a search.

My recommended workouts never seem to match but the adaptive training advisor is recommending. From reading other posts, it seems the recommended workouts try to use XSS, difficulty, and focus and choose the closest workout, but this doesn’t really hold up in my experience.

For example, today my training advisor says

Your current is Fresh and should consider a [GC Specialist] :diamonds::diamonds:½ activity or workout, generating about 113 XSS of overall strain.

The top workouts selected are both endurance workouts with 2.5 difficulty and ~100XSS. At my level its seems I’m always getting endurance workouts. When I do a custom search, it seems there aren’t any 100 XSS, 2.5 difficulty, GC workouts. In fact, besides endurance, there aren’t many 2.5/100XSS workouts available.

If the above is true, is there any way we can get additional workouts to fill in the gaps? Right now I’m tending to choose shorter specific workouts just to avoid having endurance selected all the time

Hi Brad,

Thanks for bringing this up. Hopefully I can provide some answers.

  • Firstly, GC Specialist is relatively close to both Climber & Endurance focus workouts (Sprint Time Trialist begins at ~15:00 focus and Climber at 10:00, compared to GC Specialist at 8:00), so explains why you’re being recommended certain Endurance workouts with an XATA recommendation of GC Spec.

  • The issue is that it’s somewhat difficult to acquire 100 XSS at GC Specialist focus without going above 2.5 difficulty. If you increase the difficulty to 3.0 using the workout filter, you should see a good chunk of GCS workouts around 100 XSS. We’ll also look into adding more 2.5 / ~100 XSS workouts for GC Specialist Focus.