Kurt Kinetic connection or lack there of


I was hoping for some assistance setting up my Xert player as I’ve had no luck establishing a connection to my trainer.

Kurt Kinetic Smart Control Trainer. Firmware 1266 (I’m currently using virtual power)

Initially I was trying to use my Android Pixel 2 with no luck. Support was a great help and we determined that my KK trainer did not support standard ANT+ FE-C. Bummer. I was told if I had al old iOS device hanging around that would work.

I picked up an iPod 5th generation OS 9.3.5.

Still no luck, I can connect to my Wahoo speed and cadence but not to my KK trainer. Doesn’t see it at all. I super bummed that I’ve been unable to use SMART workouts.

Has anybody been successful connecting to a KK trainer or have any workarounds I might try?

Thanks in advance.

If you have a first gen Kinetic SC, I think your out of luck:

“The unit doesn’t support ANT+ (any variant, including FE-C), or even standard/open Bluetooth Smart. Rather, it only supports a closed/private Bluetooth Smart protocol instead.”

A company that doesnt support Ant+ and uses a proprietary BT protocol should not have our custom.
No help to the original poster I know.

I had a KK Road Warrior for many tears and it was a great product but I do think KK were late to the market with smart trainers and have not made it easy for themselves by making some odd choices.

I had a feeling it would come back to my Kinetic. Great hardware but not so “Smart”.

I have contacted KK over the past year and I keep getting the same response:

"We are working on a FW update for that unit that will switch it over to FTMS, but I don’t have an exact timeline on that update. I think they are still running some tests to make sure it’s going to function as intended."

Thanks for the clarification, appreciated.