Kickr, Quarq PM and Xert rides

In my Xert App, if I choose my Kickr for Power source and Trainer Control and my Quarq for Cadence, the Xert app does nto work. In other words, the needle does not move. Its almost like either the Xert app does not accept Kick for Power source or Trainer control or perhaps things Quarq PM is the power source and trainer control.

Is this a bug?

Hi Kaushal,

I have nearly the same setup as you, so this should work perfectly. Are you using iOS or Android?

I am using the IOS App on Iphone 11 Pro. When I choose my Quarq for cadence, the needle does not move. When I deselect Quarq, the needle moves.

Which needle does not move? Power?

Can you try pairing Quarq as power source, Kickr as trainer control, and Quarq as cadence?

Yes, the Power needle.

I will try your suggestion tomorrow.

@ManofSteele Thank you. I am good to go with the miles in Strava. :slight_smile: I know those are vanity miles but they help keep me motivated. :slight_smile:

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Excellent! Glad we got that sorted :slight_smile: