Kickr ERG mode vs non-ERG mode workouts

I’m using the Android mobile player to control my Wahoo Kickr and it works great, however, when doing a workout the player sets the watt target with the trainer in ERG mode so no matter which gear or cadence I’m at the watts are held at the current interval level. I’d like to turn ERG mode off and create the watts on my own, similar to “slope” mode. I can see that there are fields available for both “Slope %” and “Trainer resistance”, but not sure how to turn off ERG mode so I can use those.

Part 2 of my question, is: what is the difference between “Slope %” and “Trainer resistance”? Does it matter which one is changed when more resistance is required? Is one more granular than the other?

And a suggestion: My questions may have already been asked in this forum, but I could not find an answer since the postings are too many now. You might consider adding a search feature to the forum to save yourself some repeating of answers. I apologize if you’ve seen my questions before. Thanks for any info!

  1. Look under SETTINGS/OPTIONS and turn on Resistance Mode.
  2. Test them both out. Slope normally tries to mimic real slope.
  3. Something we are looking into. Thanks.

I had the same question, using Android and Kickr Snap. I enabled Settings->Options->Trainer Resistance Mode in the app before starting my workout. During the warmup phase I tried to increase power to test the change, but I was unable to do this as resistance automatically decreased exactly as it would if it was still in ERG mode. Would be very interested to know how to do this.

To change the resistance in slope mode, for example, tap-and-hold a cell and select Trainer Slope. Then just tap the cell to change the slope value.