Kickr Core Slope problems

Hi All,

Does anyone else have problems with kickr Core and the slope mode?

When I use the slope mode the trainer gets stuck in it. I mean I can toggle the modes in the app, but with no effect on the trainer.

If I’m just passing by (toggling through all modes) it’s not a problem but using it for 30 sec or so it gets stuck.

For reference, this happens with both android apps and with 2 different phones S7 and s21.


I was having similar issues. It turned out that my Garmin Edge which I use as a back up device was linked to the Kickr and was holding it at a set resistance. I disabled the Kickr on my Edge and everything has been fine since.

Thank for the tip. :+1:

I’m also using a parallel device to record - Garmin Fenix 5.

The Fenix doesn’t have the capability to control the trainer. It would be strange that would be the cause.

I shall give it a try and report back!