Kickr climb with Xert sessions


has anyone tried to use Kickr climb with the sessions in Xert? Do they work increasing the raise of the bike on climbing hills following the video?

Rouvy and Zwift support this function afaik.


I’m interested in this answer - but honestly if I’m doing a structured workout, I don’t want it to (easy enough to stop). When I’m enjoying Zwift or a video route on an Endurance type ride - it would be nice!

No, Climb won’t respond to an Xert session - I guess there’s no ‘incline’ within the workout, despite the video, for it to do so. It’s the same on Bkool: once you’re in ERG mode the Climb is disabled.

The Kickr Bike/Kickr Climb should work fine with Xert sessions. That being said… there’s no communication between the YouTube video & our app to signal different gradients, so you wouldn’t really notice anything on most of the endurance workouts, which are done with trainer control (AUTO mode in our app).

However, many of our workouts (especially sprinting workouts) feature SLOPE mode intervals, which should affect the incline of the Kickr Climb/Bike if you have it enabled.

A session is not a SIM. It’s a defined workout with entertainment. No different than riding a workout in 3D world ignoring slope – which is how it should work for structured workouts.
EBC could pass slope % to a device for mixed mode intervals, but not to match the video.
I love the fact you get to watch whatever session “movie” you want at normal speed as you complete your workout.
I don’t like to ride SIMs anymore. Have tried them all from Rouvy to Zwift to FG to RGT.
I don’t find them productive for the time invested. I’d rather get the job done with a selected workout watching whatever I want. YMMV

I just got a Kickr Bike, (amazing device)and the incline feature does not work with Zwift “workouts.” I do believe it works with Trainerroad workouts though. I disagree with ridegrider regarding using Sim mode. I’ve use it in Zwift for my endurance workouts, and it’s amazing. I think I can even do some free style “super-threshold” freestyle workouts too, With the Kicker Bike and its auto-incline feature, it’s like riding outside. It’s truly amazing. I forget I’m looking at an 8x10" iPad. I’ve yet to try it with a Xert workout, but today I’ll give it a quick try and report back. And then I’ll go on a nice Zwift ride and hit my intervals that Xert recommends and work towards my Tron bike at the same time. :grin:

Ok, so i just tried my Kickr Bike with a Xert workout that uses Slope mode. Xert DOES in fact signal to the bike to auto-incline. I have to say though, I’m not sure I would like doing ordinary intervals with the bike inclined. On the other hand, in a Xert Breakthrough workout that has an all-out sprint at the end, or any slope mode workout that has a sprint in slope mode, performing the sprint standing on the inclined bike is really nice, feels very natural. On the Kickr Bike, one can easily switch from auto incline, to manual incline. I’d probably do that standing sprint in manual incline mode. In reply to the OP, I’m assuming the Kickr Climb behaves the same way.

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Thanks for the update @CarmenV! Pretty neat :slight_smile:

The Kickr Bike is an amazing piece of equipment, I tried a Kickr Core a few months ago, but soon returned it to REI, I got tired of having to reindex every time I mounted my bike, and riding in slope mode made it painfully obvious just how loud my 1x11 Shimano XT setup is. It’s a modified Salsa Vaya, dropbar to mountain conversion. Have you ever ridden Repack Ridge, the single track trail in Zwift? You haven’t actually ridden it until you’ve ridden it on a Kickr Bike, It’s like a roller coaster! You have to have a firm grip on the bars! Yes, the Kickr Bike is quite expensive, but purchasing it at REI makes it a slightly easier nut to crack, with the 10% Member Awards. Using the REI credit card gets you an additional 5% back.


thank you for all the replies!!!

This is my first post in the forum and you already gave all the relevant answers. Thank you @CarmenV, @ManofSteele and @DomTech.

I will check out the SLOPE mode and see how it will work out for training sessions.

Great stuff!!!

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Just beware of ‘Off’ mode - it took me 450 watts to get the pedals turning again!!!