Keeping Xert, Garmin and Strava in sync using EBC

Just started with Xert and loving it! But as I am doing quite a bit of other activities on top of cycling, and using two Garmin devices (1030 and Fenix7), it would be nice to have also the Garmin Connect data up to date.

I tried the Connect IQ app in 1030 and thought I got it set up right. The 1030 has my Kickr Core connected and controls it fine with a Garmin workout - but using Xert Connect IQ I just can’t get the Xert workout running properly, zero power and resistance. Workout appears ok etc but zero power. The app does not seem to control the trainer. So I am using iOS EBC app which works very well and is so nice!

Everything syncs to Strava nicely (and from Strava to Xert for free-form outdoor biking) but all indoor biking is now missing from Garmin. Any ideas how to sync Xert or Strava to Garmin if I continue using EBC? Or should I just fight more to fix the Connect IQ if I wish to have them all in sync?

I use the Android version of EBC to control the trainer connected with BLE and record the training with my Garmin watch using the bike indoor profile connected with ANT+. At the end of the training I discard the EBC recording and save the Garmin recording. Then Garmin syncs to Xert.
You lose the name of the workout (or have to copy paste it back in manually) and you lose the target power as the Garmin does not know about that. You also have to keep your Garmin from connecting and controlling the trainer, mine asks every time, I’m used to saying no now :wink:
I only connect power, cadence and heart rate to my Garmin to not have any estimated speed or distance in there as that just seems wrong to me.
Just one possibility of course.
I also have an Edge and the Xert app was running on mine without problems but I like the EBC app better and want to have everything recorded with my watch as that is the one device I always have on me.

Right - forgot about that possibility, thanks! I used to do dual recordings for a while when using Polar watch. I actually tried what you suggested already earlier, but ended up with what I figured was two devices controlling the trainer, power was varying but mostly about half of what is was supposed to be. I need to find out how to disable trainer control from watch or 1030, but keep the power meter (which is in trainer). Could also use another bike in the trainer which has a power meter in it.

Then the remaining issue may end up being HR belt, it can connect to two devices but I have a Wahoo fan as the 3rd one so may need to set that on manual. Or then I just wear 2 belts :grin:

Somehow I feel it’s sometimes a bit complicated with all theses gadgets :slightly_smiling_face:

My watch is similar to yours (EPIX 2) and it connects fine to the power meter in the trainer (TACX) without connecting the trainer control, it just keeps asking every time it finds the trainer if it should add it. I tried adding the trainer and then switching it off in the watch but that didn’t work as far as I remember. Maybe it works with the current firmware, who knows.
My HR belt can do BLE and ANT+ and so it works for both. But you could also use an ANT+ USB stick on the phone to connect an ANT+ only HR to both. Or you could use your Edge as a third device to show you your HR while recording it with the Fenix and using the phone with EBC to control the trainer and show the power data. Or put the Fenix on the handle bars to show the heart rate. Xert does not use the heart rate while running the workout. It only uses heart rate in the analysis to learn for heart rate derived XSS when cycling without power. And the heart rate is in the recording as long as the Fenix sees the belt. So yes lots of options, there’s probably more. Hope you find one that works for you.

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Just tried it out. Only needed to remove the trainer from watch, trainer power meter worked without any issues. I even got the HR connecting to three devices from Polar H10 - I think there was some device connected with ant+ and some with BT. Not sure which one had 2. Now just need to delete double workouts, but that’s a minor thing. Would be cool if Garmin let select which sports to sync to which services.

Thanks for the advice!

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I think you can do that in Xert, in the Sync Garmin Connect settings you can select what type of activity to sync.

Right, Xert is well done. But what I mean - when recording with Garmin a parallel recording to Xert, would be nice to say that indoor cycling is not synced to Strava. I can remove the sync from Xert to avoid doubles, but then I loose the nice graph from the Strava recording :wink: as said, minor issue.