Karoo 2 + EBC sensors


I am looking for the definitive guide to getting sensors reliably working on a hammerhead Karoo 2.

Like others, I use the native Karoo 2 app for routing (and recording), but when I do, I can’t get sensors to reliably pair and transmit in EBC at the same time.

What’s the best combo for ant+ and Bluetooth connections between the two apps (both power and HR are dual BT/ Ant+)?

Is there any special order I need to start them up to get reliable pairing?


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To be clear, you’re recording with the native recording on Karoo and the EBC app simultaneously? Or you’re use them both, but at separate times?

IIRC, the sensors can’t be shared between the two. What I found to work well in my experience was to use all ANT+ for native Karoo recording & keep BLE connections for the EBC app.

Yes, simultaneous recording.

I’ll give your combo a try and see how it goes

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For future reference, that mostly worked with some tweaks.

  1. forget/disconnect all sensors on the karoo sensor page and EBC
  2. now reconnect Karoo 2 to all the ant+ connections
  3. now Xert EBC gets paired the bluetooth sensors
  • Worked well for that ride.

For future rides - Xert won’t find the bluetooth sensors, but its an easy fix:
3) open the karoo sensor menu and then click the search bluetooth sensors - but don’t pair any.
4) Switch back to EBC and all bluetooth sensors will come alive.

  • Everything works as expected.

My wild guess is the karoo tries to save power and switches off the BT module if there’s no BT sensors paired at startup. Then scanning for BT sensors turns it back on (which allows EBC to pair). Going to try find a sacrificial BT device to connect to the karoo to see if it automatically switches on BT on startup.

Followup: yes, having Karoo pair directly to a BT sensor automatically switches the BT on after restarts. In my case I use my dual BT heart rate sensor.