Karoo 2 and Xert Data Fields

Hi all,

just ordered a karoo 2 and can’t wait to arrive.
One thing, when i got my garmin i had several Xert data fields, such as:
Mpa and power
Fat and Carbs…
Is it possible to install those also in the karoo 2?
Thank you in advance


Today, no. Hopefully soon.


I was just about to ask the same thing. So I just add my vote for this feature.

I‘m ready to pull the trigger on a Karoo 2 but I would really like to be able to get rid of the Garmin in exchange.

Bought a wahoo, great unit but no Xert fields as listed above so it sits in a drawer with default to Garmin. If we can get the same fields in the Karoo2/Hammerhead units it’s game on :wink: my vote added too :crossed_fingers:

And relative wind direction would be nice too! I was surprised too see this on the Xert EBC app, but I really love it!
I don’t know if this is a native feature on the Karoo, but if it isn’t it would be very nice if Xert added it :wink:

Hey @MischeviousMorph! Xert data fields are now natively supported on the Karoo 2 (at this time, only MPA and XSS - hopefully more arriving in the future).

You can also download and install the Xert EBC app onto the Karoo from the App Store on Karoo units. Xert EBC will have many more of the Xert-specific metrics (and even some weather-related metrics, like Relative Wind direction).


Noticed non corrersponding values between my MPA and the Xert data field shown on the Karoo2.
Is there some operation i’m missing for showing the correct value?

Thank you

Thanks, Scott. Add my vote to users that would love more Xert fields for Karoo 2. And make it functional like it is on Garmin where the power changes color as you draw down MPA. That would be awesome.

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Already available in the EBC app directly (which can be installed on Karoo2!)

Thanks, Scott. Totally understand. I’ve got the EBC app installed on my Karoo 2, but I would like to be able to use the Karoo 2 cards/profiles to monitor my rides as well. It would be great to be able to add more than just MPA/XSS to the Karoo 2 profiles.

By the way, can I record my ride on both the Karoo 2 profile and the EBC app? And, if so, would I just switch back and forth?



Would be great to see the xert workout feed through to the K2’s native profiles. I just used EBC for the first time on an outdoor ride this morning, its small numbers are incredibly difficult to read when doing 30+km/h, particularly time values, you really have to take your concentration off the road to see how much time left until next stage.
Or xert could improve customisation of EBC app…


I have the K1 and the xert app installed. I connect my power meter and hr monitor to the xert workout (you have to disconnect these sensors in the K1 as they won’t connect to two app at the same time); I leave gps enabled on the K1, I select the route and then start my outside workout.

I keep the xert app as the main screen, and have the K1 ride app open in the background changing between then when I need to check the route.

I see an old topic on XERT data fields availablity and that it will be hopefully integrated.
I’m 53 years old and i really like the EBC app but it is also for me very difficult to read on my karoo2 :frowning: wat is the last info on this?
Will it be integrated?

As someone of similar age who also has problems reading head units I now use bifocal sunglasses when riding. A total game changer.

I have two pairs of photochromic sunglasses one from Tifosi and one from BZ Optics. If you want to try before buying or are on a budget, bifocal safety glasses from the likes of Amazon are available from £/$/€ 10

Refreshing this feature request, mostly enjoy the app on Karoo but could use some connect iq style features.