Just subscribed for historical data — how long to sync?


I just subscribed to Xert after a short trial period to see my historical data. It did say “6 hours” on the Garmin Connect screen. I’d expected new activities to come in one by one, but I’m still stuck at 3 pages of activities from the last 3 months. Do they all arrive at once? Did I need to keep the tab open?

Also, I only appear to be able to go back to January 2020. I’m 52 and wanted to track my gradual decline over the last 10 years. Is it not possible to sync my entire activity history with Xert?


It looks like the “custom range” date picker doesn’t work (or I’m doing something wrong) — there are two date pickers, and I can select a range of up to 30 days on either of those date pickers, but I can’t select a range that spans multiple years by using both date pickers. Have tried in latest Safari and Chrome.

Worse, if I attempt any sync and get the dates wrong, any subsequent syncs fail with “The request for older activities from Garmin Connect was denied by Garmin. You may consider unlinking your account, reauthorizing with Garmin Connect and then retrying your request.”

To try again, I need to deauthorise my Garmin Connect account.

Ok, think I’m getting this now; it looks like there’s a maximum range of a 3-month window between those two date pickers, which is not made clear anywhere on the page. I’m going to have to go back three years and do ~12 separate imports? This seems a bit fussy — is it a Garmin limitation? Could that be made clear on the Sync page?

Ok, nope, can’t do that. The right-hand date picker will only operate in 2023.

Am I really going to have to import a month at a time by hand?

Admitted defeat. I liked the naming of the rides being better (Tough Puncheur much more relevant to training than the stuff I call my rides in Strava), but the sync isn’t working — the datepickers work correctly over on Strava Sync.

Reset my account. Started again. For the best, I think.

I believe it is a Garmin Connect limitation.
You can contact support@xertonline.com for a definitive answer. They may also be able to work around it.
Typically, you don’t need more than a year or two to effectively use Xert and compare this year to last year, but I understand you’re looking for a longer-term trend to analyze.

Lots of newbie tips posted here – Beginner questions
Academy series videos are the quickest way to get up to speed – Discover + Improve + Perform
FAQs here – Support Home – Xert

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

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Typically, you don’t need more than a year or two to effectively use Xert and compare this year to last year, but I understand you’re looking for a longer-term trend to analyze.

Probably for the best. When I see my rides from even 2020 and how much things have dropped off since Covid, augh. Better to keep things recent…

Welcome aboard.

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Yes. Garmin doesn’t share [*edit: historical] data very well with 3rd party apps. It can only be requested in 3 month bins & every activity can only be sent once. If it’s already been sent from Garmin but gets removed from Xert, you would need to completely reset the GC > Xert Sync and request it again.

IMO, best to sync historical data from Strava. Much easier. I’m not sure how much (if any) additional benefit you’ll get from adding older data. You’d need to ensure all the data in the system is free from errors - no power spikes or wonky power readings, or artificial gaps in your training history (e.g. you were actually riding/training but not recording with a PM, so the data isn’t uploaded to Xert)

Thanks. I’ve switched to Strava. However, it’s worth noting that I think there’s an issue with the Connect datepickers — it’s not possible to select a 3-month bin if any part of the date is earlier than Jan 2023, so the best you can do is eight-and-a-bit months’ data at time of writing. I think that might be an Xert rather than a Garmin issue.

Not that I’m using it any more :wink:

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll make a note of it and we’ll check it out later.

FWIW, once your historical data is in Xert, the GC sync works perfectly fine for sending your recent/current activities. Garmin is just very particular with sharing historical data, for whatever reason.