Just joined officially. First ride, need some help

Hi, So I just officially joined and I did my first trainer ride tonight!!To be honest, i have not read much about all the variables thar xert uses but First of all, I LIKE Xert!
After xert analyzed all my rides it gave me a threshold value of 185 ( I guess its the same as FTP). Then I selected an event for Feb 2 and I let xert suggest workouts. Then I selected an event for Feb 2 and I let xert suggest workouts. Based on the Improvement rate of Extreme 2 , it suggested the XSS value I needed to do ( I still dont know what it is, some sort ot intensity measure but right now, i just put blinders on and ride! ) if also gave me my target threshold value based on 2.5 hours per week training.

  1. First question: why only 2.5 hours? Is it possible to select the threshold value i want to attain by Feb 2 and then see what the suggested workours are. Then I would decide whether it was practical ( doable because I also run 25/30 miles per week and strength training) or not.
  2. second question: After my training ride, it tells me that I shouod be tired… but Im not tired at all. Up to now, I always trained myself, maybe I trained too hard and not systematicslly. if I can accomplish my goals , this way its fantastic. I’m going on blind faith.
    So, should I be tired ( it sounds funny question but I just need an understanding of Xert recommendation)

So, I just found a slider bar " freshness feedback" and I played with it. Adjusted it to “2” and now " I am fresh", I’m starting to like Xert even more!:blush:

Looks like you are a fully-fledged Xerter, Fern! You’re at a fairly low training load and I suspect it is probably a bit understated. Moving the freshness feedback right will help but if your workouts feel too easy, let us know and we can show you how to make some adjustments that will increase difficulty and volume and better reflect your current training status.

Thanks, Armando! I will definitily accept your help but for the last 3 days I’ve had a head cold, so I’ll continue this way for now I’m happy because if with the prescribed workouts, I can accomplish an increase in threshold, it’s amazing!

Another question/clarification ( that may actually explain why it felt easy).
After I finished my workout ( XSS 83, i forgot the name) , I uploaded the workout from Strava ( after being sent there from my Garmin 935 via G. Connect).
Then, I looked in the workout table and noticed that somehow, Xert also had placed the workout there. The workout was controlled using my Iphone. I have Garmin Vector pedals. When Xert commanded my Kicker ( 4 years old) to 146 watts, the Iphone read 146 watts ( plus or minus) but my Garmin 935 reads ( from the pedals) about 130 watts.

So, the XSS calculated by xert based ( I guess it reads the kicker watts) was 83 , but when I looked in the workout that came from my 935 , it was only 67!
So, in order to be on the safe side, I deleted the xert workout ( kept the 67). To be honest, I dont know for sure w hich “watts” are correct: Garmin vector or Kicker! But it is what is.

One, more question. If my Iphone xert App, reads the kicker watts is it possible to link it to my Garmin Vector watts? ( i dont want to do it , now, but its just to know… Ill keep it simple, for now)

Hi Fern. What you are describing is called “powermatch” and it is used to address the exact issue you are describing. If your Fitness Signature is calculated based on power coming from your Garmin pedals, then it would make sense to have your trainer use the same power source. At the moment, unfortunately, the iPhone Xert app does not support powermatch (although our Garmin Workout Player and Android app do). Notably, however, even if it did, you’ll run into issues connecting your Garmin vector pedals to an iPhone which requires some additional adapters for Bluetooth. All very complicated, I know! if you happen to have a recent model Garmin Edge or Android Phone, we can help you get these setup with the player and using powermatch.

Thanks Armando. I think I undesrtand ( and my vectors are Ant) , however at this point I just want to use the KISS method! Lets face it, in 1 month Ill be 68, 138 lbs, I am at 186 threshold and last June I was at 212. If I can get back to that agan ( but now without killing myself) , that will be great. ( every year theres less left in the tank!!!)

There will be more in the tank now that you’re using Xert! :slight_smile: There are techniques to change your calibration on the KICKR but they can also be complicated. Do you use Zwift? You can import our workouts there and do them in that environment.

No, I dont use Zwift! Ive tried it at the local Trek store but Unless it matches exactly what the Xert power workout profile prescribes, then Ill continue to suffer within the basement walls. Hopefully with xert , I will get stronger. My " thing" are duathlons and I have a " big" one coming up end of April at the Worlds in Spain and the Nationals in Mid April. its only for “fun” but its not easy. So, lets see what happens.

Continue to record and use your data from your Garmin 935. Remove the workouts recorded by the Xert Player for iOS on Xert since they will be duplicates. Your KICKR is reading higher which means that you should look for harder workouts to compensate (at least for now) and monitor the difference between your XSS from the Garmin workout and XSS from the Xert iOS app (double check before deleting it). You can move the Freshness Feedback slider over to the right a bit more to get harder workouts and see how that works for you. You may need to adjust things after each workout at first. Also, use the “Load More” button on the Recommended Workouts list to choose something based on your available time and on the Difficulty stars.

Thanks! Actually, I just finished another workout and what I did ( for the time being), I used the + button to increase the power until my watch read ( 10 sec avg) the xert commanded power. It’s all good! Now, my fear is that I’ll get TOO strong! :blush:

PS… One suggestion. on the Iphone , about 6 seconds before the next power segment , it displays the next segment power, which is great as a heads-up. it would be great if they could also display ( at the same time), the duration. Psychologically, I like to br prepared. it,s like knowing how long a hill is. But , it.s all good snd great

Awesome!! We’re working on an update to the player. One of the features we’re adding will be to allow you to scale the whole workout rather than just the intervals. Can’t promise when but it’s one of our priorities.

Armando, Thanks no problem! One more question: when I select an activity detail, the graph, trends peak power, threshold power and difficulty ( I need to find out how that is calculated and what exactly it means ( Im learning by poking around without reading instructions --sign of a great product
–because I looked at some of my June Tuesday night rides and 50-% of the time I am above the line. Thats what happens when a 67 year old guy keeps up with the 30 and 40 year old guys and women in group 1, but now I am wondering if it helps me or actually hurts me, as I require more rest time)…but anyway is it possible to trend heart rate also? By the way , I only have an Ipad .