Jumping into Xert.. Target date too soon?

I am coming from TR… the advice there is that you should pick one or two A races for the year and you should not be afraid to race during your base and build phases.
That is not how it works in Xert right? I’m just supposed to continuously update the target event date (and focus duration goal) after each of my events?

Like for me, my first race of the season is march 28th… I didn’t get my base phase started till January 20th due to a 3 week vacation to start out 2020… which is 68 days. I have another race on april 28th… which is a little further out and i’m strongly leaning towards letting the target date stay at april 25th, not quite 120 days but 96 at least lets me get a few weeks of base…

Does anyone have opinions or comments about this fairly significant difference between the 120 day Xert and the 182 day TR Base-Build-Peak/specialty training cycles as well as the difference in “racing during base or build phase”?

Anyone think that the best results come with letting Xert prepare you for a race when you are essentially skipping the base phase?
Should I just choose to target a later event date and participate in the march 28th race without worrying about XATA diverting my focus towards the goal duration of a road race?

my stats: training status:will be 5th year racing though the first 4 were pretty casual… 2.4 blue stars, 185cm, 100kg, 1294 PP // 30.5 HIE // 265 TP

Generally it seems with Xert you just need to start using it and not overthink it. If it was me I would target the second race and consider the earlier one a training race.

Xert should be able to handle races during your training phases, it will adapt the training accordingly. Also applies to unexpectedly hard group rides which always used to mess up my TR plans.

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