January 8th Update

Changes you’ll see today:

  1. The renaming of the “Goals” settings to “Program” on the right side. This has been changed to avoid confusion with target power goals.
  2. You can now run a forecast when you’re likely to exceed your max weekly hours. Rather than preventing you from creating a plan, you just receive a warning. This should help those that are re-forecasting and were unable to because the new weekly hours feature had disabled creating a forecast.

Perfect @xertedbrain !

Will it be possible to show the target fitness signature in this dialog when you change the target focus power? Or if this depends on the optimization itself show the forecasted fitness signature at the target date when the optimization is completed? Now you have to zoom in the chart to see it. Most likely I am not the only one who would like to see the breakdown of TP, HIE, and peak power.

We will get to that eventually. It’s available on the guide and on the chart, as you point out.

Our main focus at the moment is making sure the algorithm works as much as possible for everyone and in every situation. Lots to do still. Also adding an important feature that will make many of you very happy! :smile:

Many of the convenience UI features are important but are taking a back seat for now until all the heavy lifting is done.


looks great - works great so far

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Hi there,

unfortunately the website is not loading correctly after the update neither in Google Chrome nor Firefox nor Safari on my Macbook running on Mac OS 14.2.1. The drop down menus on the left are not functioning at all on the My Fitness - Home screen. Progression, Planning, Sessions and Ranking are blank.
On my Ipad the website is working ok.

I’m experiencing this too.

Looking into it…

AI workout generation fails too: