Issue with Xert player on Garmin 1030


I have an issue with the Xert player for outside workouts on Garmin 1030: When I start the app it loads the workout I chose, then I start it and ride. After a few minutes it freezes and I need to tap on “reconnect” to continue. then same issue after 2 or 3 minutes. Another issue I have is the segments don’t load on the Xert segment hunter app. And last one: “What’s my FTP” works well but why the FTP calculated today (250W) doesn’t match with the FTP of the same activity on the Xert web portal ? (231W) ?

For the segments issue, It’s solved now. By logging in the Xert app in Garmin express on my desktop while the Garmin device was connected.

Hi Gilles. Send a note to support so we can look into this for you. What’s My FTP? is only an approximation. Cheers.

Has this issue with crashing been solved? Tried today and my 1030 crashed after 1-3 minutes (over and over again)

I,m in Garmin SW version 8.0, iPhone 8 with iOS 12.4.1

Be sure to remove any datafields that use Background Services. MyEdge datafield for example uses them. They currently cause a conflict with apps that connect to sensors. (You can leave our Xert datafields installed. They don’t cause any conflicts).

Thanks, Armando I removed MapDashboard (by Eric de Vries) and give it a try tomorrow

And it works